Wednesday, January 7, 2009

FREE Toilet Paper!

Did you see the .50/1 Cottonelle toilet paper coupon on the widget???? It can be used on any Cottonelle toilet paper product. The best part is that the 4 ct. packs are regularly marked at .99 at most Dillons (Kroger) stores. Our stores here double coupons up to $1! Here is how it works:
  • Buy 1 4 ct pack of Cottonelle=.99
  • Use .50/1 coupon doubled=-$1
  • =FREE toilet paper!
Be sure to check out some other coupons. There was a 1/1 Kellogs coupon I noticed that come in handy for the Kellogs/FREE milk deal going on at Dillons!


Becky said...

Don't you just love FREE toilet paper - or anything for that matter? I had to laugh one time going into another Q Queen's house - she had all the obvious signs of using coupons - all the way down to the Cottonelle!

Cara said... has a Cottonelle coupon too!