Friday, January 9, 2009

3-day Sale and MARKDOWNS!

I was in Dillons at 21st and Belle this morning and they had many markdowns throughout the store! The most noticeable one was milk! They are pricing a lot of their 1/2 gallons (not due to expire until the 15th/16th) down to 1.20-1.29!!!! Remember milk is freezable!

They are also having a 3 day sale:
  • 10 lb. bags of potatoes=2.99 (beats Aldi price of 3.99)
  • Ground beef=1.99/lb.
  • Saltines=10/10 (Aldi price)
There were a few others that I can't remember but if you need to go to Dillons today is the day to possibly do it!

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blaireruch said...

Just got back from Dillons (29th & Urish)!

Coffeemate seasonal coffee creamer is on sale for $1.00. Use .50 and $1 mf to get these for free! Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread.
I got 4 and gave my 5th coupon away to a woman buying some too. So fun! Expiration dates at my store are in late February and early March!

Del Monte canned veggies
Regular price .85
There is a mf coupon which ends today or soon for .30 off the 50% less salt versions. Doubled to .60, that makes these .25!

Veg-all canned veggies on sale for .99. Use .35 coupon doubled to .70 to get this for .29!

Kashi frozen entrees on sale for 25% off. Sale prices were mostly $3.37 and $3.22. I got a $2 catalina, so I got one for $1.37. Special treat for me when my husband has an evening dinner meeting this week. Yay! No cooking! Could also be a nice lunch meal for working moms or dads.

Ocean Spray craisins on sale for $2.50. Use .55 mf doubled to $1 to get these for $1.50. Good healthy snack!

They upped the price on the Beechnut Let's Grow mini meals. They used to be $1.11 and now are $1.28 :( Used $1 mf coupon to get them for cheap!