Saturday, October 4, 2008

CVS for Oct. 5

Here are the best deals I see this week and below is my plan!

Glaceau vitamin water 32 0z. = 2.29

FREE after EB, Limit 1

Always Infinity=4.98
FREE after EB, Limit 1

Bic Soliel cartridges or razor with cartridges=5.99
Get 4 EB back, Limit 5
Use 2/1 coupon here or from recent insert to get this for FREE after coupon!

Colgate Max Fresh beads toothpaste=2.99
Get 2 EB back, limit 2
Use 1/1 coupons from 9/28 inserts to get this item for FREE after coupon!

Ascencia Breeze 2 Meter=14.99
Get 10 EB back, limit 1
Use $30/1 coupon from 6/1 coupon inserts and get this item FREE + $10 in overage after coupon! I had mentioned in Aug. holding off and waiting for this deal. It origially was supposed to be FREE after EB, but I guess $10 in overage isn't so bad!

Buy $20 of Benefiber, Maalox or Gas-X and get $10 EB back, limit 1
Some prices start at 5.29
There are 2/1 Benefiber coupons and 2/1 Maalox coupons.
  • The best deal would be to buy 4 of either at 5.29=21.16
  • Use 4 2/1 coupon
  • Total=13.16 and you get $10 EB back. If you have a $5 CRT for these products they would be FREE after using that.
  • 1 Always Infinity=4.98
  • 1 Glaceau Water= 2.39
  • 4 Bic Soliel Razors or cartridges=23.96
  • 1 Ascencia Breeze meter=14.99
  • 2 Colgate toothpastes=5.98
  • = 52.30+ tax before coupons
  • -4 2/1 Bic coupons (-8)
  • -2 1/1 Colgate coupons (-2)
  • - 30/1 Breeze coupon adjusted to 14.99 (-14.99)
  • = 27.31+ tax and I will get back 37.37 in EB!
That is an overage of $10!!!

Note: If you do this transaction you will get a $16 EB back for the Bic Soliel. If you do not like having an EB that big then just simply do 2 transactions and split the 4 razors amoung the 2 transacitons. Remember also that if your CVS takes their own expired coupons you can use any $2/1 coupons you have left over. I, however, do not suggest that you print anymore!


Blaire said...

The Always Infinity is limit 2! I got ebs for 2!

The Arm & Hammer Essentials cleaners free rebate offer that was in today's paper is at the CVS Topeka store for $2.50. In a stand-alone display in the center of the store.



Libbi said...

Where is the CVS in Topeka??

Shannon said...

The CVS is at 29th and Wanamaker- where the old Osco was