Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FREE $25 Applebee's Gift Card

About a month ago I posted about how I got a FREE $25 Chilis gift card. I am excited to say that I have received another FREE $25 gift card, only this time it was to Applebee's. How did I get these for FREE? I use an online program called MyPoints.

Since we live on such a tight budget this is often how we are able to enjoy a dinner out or new clothing. Mypoints has many venders you can redeem your points with including restaurants and retail. We picked Applebees this time since our son had a FREE kids meal he earned through our local library this past summer. I am thinking next time I might spoil myself and go for a Gap gift card!

So far we have gotten: $25 Barnes and Noble card, $25 Panera Card, $50 towards Chilis (we loves this place!) and a $25 Applebee's gift card. I signed my email up about a year and half ago. Once I saw how easy it was I even signed up my husband's email! We average 1 gift card about every 4-5 months.

How Mypoints works:
Once you sign up you will be sent a series of emails everyday (about 5). Note: these emails in and of themselves will not generate spam mail! You earn points for simply clicking through the email and if it is an offer you want to sign up for you earn extra points upon sign up. Regardless, you get at least 5 points for just reading the email! You can also earn points by completing the surveys they send. Another great point earning opportunity is to shop through mypoints. If you are going to be purchasing something online be sure to see if mypoints is an affiliate with the store you are shopping at. If they are you can earn points per dollar spent. Some stores offer 10 points per dollar!

If you are interested in this program be sure to explore the link below!
Earn Rewards at MyPoints.


Sarah said...

How do you get so many points?!? It's taken me 6+ months to earn even one gift card. In addition to all of the emails, I probably sign up for one free offer per month, rarely qualify for a survey and don't really purchase things online nor through MyPoints. I've printed coupons a couple of times but haven't really tracked those points.
What's the 'secrect' to earn points so quickly? :) Maybe it's the two email thing...?

Heart of Wisdom said...

Wow! that is really great!
Thanks for the tip!

I have two blog post this Wednesday.

1. Photos of our typical morning on my personal blog at http://heartofwisdom.com/heartathome and

2. an explanation of changes we are making at my homeschool blog

Come by and see me!

Tara said...

Wow thats incredible.. I wondered the same thing how you get the points lol Good job!!!

Mrs. Tara said...

I haven't gotten any cards- I am not doing something right! Will have to look closer.

fruitfulwords said...

What a great way to earn gift cards. I'm not patient enough to fill out surveys. I may have to change my mind now. :-)

Shannon said...

I get a lot of points by signing up for free trials that that give me like 1000 points or more. I then turn around the next day and cancel the trial, but keep all my sign up emails and make sure mypoints credits me my points. There have been a few occasions where I have had to email b/c my points were not credited. I do also have 2 email accounts that I use as well which helps gaining points quickly.

Mrs. Tara... you have to have at least 1400 points to request most cards. Have you tried requesting a gift card yet?

I would love to answer any more questions you all have!