Sunday, July 13, 2008

CVS Trip for the week of July 13

This was my trip for this week.  I was feeling blessed by some of the great deals I got.  I was also able to use some of the EBs I made to by some items we were out of.
Transaction 1:
1 Neutrogina Mascara=5.99 (get 4 EB back)
1 Bayer Heart 30 ct=4.99 (get back 2 EB)
3 Sally Hansen nail colors at .99/1=2.97
1 24/7 speed stick=3.99
-3/15 CVS coupon
-2.50/1 Bayer coupon
- 3/2 Sally Hansen coupon (made these free!)
-1.50/1 speed stick CVS CRT
-1/1 speed stick MF coupon
=6.94, I used 6.94 in EBs and paid .48 OOP, I then got back 8 EB!

Transaction 2: GOOD MONEY MAKER
2 Gas-X at 5.19/1=10.38
1 Excedrin Back and Body 100 ct.=10.29
-3/15 CVS coupon
-5/2 CVS CRT for Gas-X
-3/1 CVS CRT Excedrin 50 ct. or higher
-2/1 Excedrin Mf coupon
-1/1 Gas-X  MF coupon
-1.50/1 Gas-X Mf coupon
=5.17, used 5 in EB, paid .52 OOP and got back 10EB!

Transaction 3:
2 6x8 photo books at 7.99/1=15.98
-3/15 CVS coupon
=12.98, used 12 EB and paid 1.07 OOP, and got back 15.98 in EB!

At this point I have actually made 10EB!

Since we were in need of some items I decided to go ahead and use some of the EBs I made to purchase these...

Transaction 4:
1 4x6 photo book=3.99
1 4 ct. pack of CVS toilet paper=2.79
1 roll of CVS paper towels=.99
1 pack of CVS paper plates=3.69
1 pack of CVS napkins=2.69
-3/15 coupon
-3/10 CVS purchase coupon
=9.21, paid with 8EB and .15 OOP, and got back 3.99 in EB

So for today I actually made a total of 6 EB!


Melanie said...

Shannon, these are great. I'm going to CVS right now. Also, I found a printable Neutrogena $1/1 manfq at slickdeals. You have to register, but you can print 2.


Marie said...

CVS is AWESOME! I love, love, love going there (even though I'm crazy coupon lady at mine).

Andrea said...

Shannon, what are EBs? Thanks - Andrea!

Shannon said...

Hey Andrea- EBs are Extra Bucks...if you go to she has a great tutorial about cvs... just look for CVS 101 I think... I would explain now but why re-invent the wheel you know:)

Blaire said...

The Maalox chewables are a slightly better deal than the Gas-X. Maalox is $5.49 each, so 2 would be $10.98. But there are $2.00 off coupons from the paper, so if you use 2, it would be $6.98. The $5/2 CRT works for Maalox too. So you would then pay $1.98. The Gas-X would be $2.88 in comparison. Add the $10.29 Excedrin with the $3 CRT and $2 man. cpn. and you pay $5.29 + $1.98 = $7.27, but get back $10 EB! $2.73 profit! And those are going in the garage sale baby!

I only bought 2 Sally Hansen nail polishes and was able to use the $3/2 coupon. So profit of $1.02!

Did anyone else get a free CVS hand santizer spray pen?

I also did the Ensure rebate, HN Cheerios, rainchecks on Brut deo (free) and Huggies baby wash (.49), and 2 Gold Emblem pretzels for .19 each!



Blaire said...

Correction on the Sally Hansen:
I checked my receipt and I the coupon adjusted to $1.98. So it is better to get 3 free.

Jeano said...

I am going to need a "EB's for Dummies" book. Can you please go slow for the slow people? :)
This kind of reminds me of the days when my Granma would give us a list, money and a stack of coupons and we would all line single file in the check-out line. We had so much T.P. and salad dressing and cereal in our stock pile! Good lessons, though.