Monday, July 14, 2008

.50 for a tub of Pamper's wipes

I have had a few friends (thank you!) alert me to this great deal at Dillon's that will end tomorrow the 15th. Right now Dillon's is doing a P&G (Proctor and Gamble) promotion where if you buy 3 participating products you get $3 off your total. Well the Pamper's boxes of wipes (80ct I think) are 2.50 when you buy 3. If you have 3 .50/1 pamper's wipes coupons from the P&G coupon insert a few weeks ago here is a great deal for you:

Buy 3 boxes of wipes at 2.50/1=7.50
use 3 .50/1 coupons- these will be doubled to $1

so 7.50- 3 .50/1 coupons doubled to $1 ($3 total) = 4.50.
Now subtract the automatic $3 taken off just for buying 3 items and your total is now 1.50 for 3 boxes of wipes- that is .50/box! Pretty good deal if you ask me!!!


Blaire said...

The price was $2.55 at the Dillons at 29th & Urish. So that made them .55 a tub.

Also, make sure to only buy the ones that have the yellow sticker next to them. I asked an associate and he said it was only the varieties marked with the P&G offer. It was the purple tub of Swipers (72 ct.) and red Clean & Go packs (60 ct.) at my Dillons. He could have been wrong about's possible that all varieties are working. I just didn't feel like risking it. Let us know if you do try other varieties and it works!

Also, this promo may end on the 19th. It says it ends on the 15th on the front page, but in the inside of the ad where the wipes are shown, it says the 19th. May be worth a call to Dillons to clarify. Although we won't get any more coupons until the 20th :(

Heather said...

I did this deal and bought the regular Pampers wipes: sensitive and unscented. It totally worked.

The Barker Family Blog said...

These wipes containers all have $0.50 coupons in them (at least they usually do)! Just open them and go back to do the deal again!

Blaire said...

that's great that the regular tubs worked too! thanks heather! does anyone know yet if this has ended or if it is on through the 19th?

Cara said...

Did this deal today and it is still working! I bought 6 packages.

I also got some free yogurt. Be on the look out for the Dan Active blinkie .50 cents off coupon. They marked some of the yogurt down to 99 cents(Manager Special), so it ends up being free after the coupon is doubled.