Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dillons for the week of July 16th-22nd

Here are the best deals I see for the week.
Note: I did not look at the fine print and I apologize. The Pantene is not actually free. They are on sale 3/10, use 3 2/1 coupons to get $6 off and combined with the 3$ off you get just for buying 3 products allows you to buy 3 Pantene items for $1 total... still a good deal!
  • Dillon's sandwich bread is 10/10
  • Green seedless grapes are 1.29/lb (Aldi runs about 1.49/lb.)
  • Kroger brand saltines are 10/10 (Aldi price also)
  • Keebler Club/town house crackers/chips delux/pecan sandies/or take along cookes are on sale 4/10, when you buy 4 you get $4 off your total making these 4/$6 or 1.50/1. Use 2 1/2 Keebler/Townhouse coupons from recent inserts to get make these 4/4 or 1/box!
  • Kroger yogurt is 2/88 (Aldi yogurt is usually .43/1
  • Rice a Roni is on sale 10/10
  • Sunny D is 10/10
  • Hunts snack cub pudding is 10/10
  • Kroger peanut butter is 10/10
  • Turkey Hill tea is 10/10- it is my understanding that there is a 1/1 coupon out there that would make this FREE!
  • Betty Crocker cake mixes are 10/10
  • Hunts 24 oz. ketchup is 10/10 (Aldi price for off brand)
  • General Mills and Post cereals are 2.66/box. Use coupons from the last Sunday's paper or print a Cheerio's coupon from the coupon widgets on this site for .75/1- doubled to a $1 would make these boxes of cereal 1.66! (better than Aldi price for off brand)
  • Kroger or Private selection spices are 33% off this week
  • Ball Park Franks are BIGI (buy one get one free). Prices start at 3.49. Use 2 1/1 coupons from here to get 2 packages for 1.49 or .74/1!
  • Cantaloupe are 2/4
  • Don't forget that P&G is still doing the deal where if you buy 3 you can save $3. I posted about how to get pampers wipes for .50/tub here. You can also get 3 bottles of shampoo or conditioner for $1 this week! See the note up top!

Thank you to all my readers who have been continuing to alert me to these great P&G deals! As always if you see others just let me know!


The Barker Family Blog said...

Patsta and Rice-a-roni are free this week if use you a coupon from

The Barker Family Blog said...

Cheap pasta too! has coupons for Hearland whole grain pasta. They are 2 for $3.00...with the coupon doubled, good pasta for $0.50 a box!

I also got Loreal Vive shampoo for free at Dillons (thankfully...Walgreens wouldn't let me do it). They are B1G1 free and I used a manf. B1G1 free coupon.

Kahle said...

Hey Shannon
What did you think about the toothpaste?

Marie said...

I miss Dillons! They put Price Choppers in sad!