Wednesday, July 16, 2008

.99 for swim diapers and wipes!

The above picture was my purchase yesteday. I did the described deal below 3 times and had a 5/1 Luv's MF coupon and a 1.50/1 target coupon so I got this 7.99 pack of diapers for 1.50. Total for all of this was 5.61!

NOTE: It is confirmed that this deal is no longer working at Topeka Target, they have taken down the 2.99 signs and claim that this price was a "mistake" I am not sure if this is just Topeka Target or other Targets as well.

Target has Pampers and Huggies swim diapers marked down to 2.99/box. If you have pampers coupons you can make this a pretty sweet deal. There were 1.50/1 coupons for pampers swim diapers in the P&G insert a few weeks ago, combine this with the 1.50/1 pampers target coupon here and get these FREE!. If you want and you have the coupons you can do this deal:

1 box of Pampers swim diapers =2.99
1 package of pampers 180ct of higher=5.00 (on sale this week)
Total= 7.99
-1.50/1 swim diapers coupon
-.50/wipes coupon
-5/the purchase of diapers and 180 ct or higher wipes Target coupon found here

If you do not have the 1.50/1 coupon or the .50/1 coupon a 2/2 Pampers coupon will work also and the cost is the same!

Note: There is also a coupon for a $5 target gift card when you purchase both diapers and 180ct higher wipes. Do not try to use this coupon in conjunction with this deal. You need to use either 1 coupon or the other. Target has been unclear about whether or not you can use both of these coupons in the same transaction. It is my understanding that you cannot, but I know some cashiers are allowing it even if they are not supposed to.

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Marie said...

Darn! I paid $9.99 for a box of those swim diapers at my Target yesterday. Yeah I have a feeling the $2.99 was a mistake. Good job reaping the benefits though!