Saturday, June 14, 2008

CVS deals for the week of June 15

It is not a great week at CVS... but there are some good deals to be had! Check out all other great CVS deal plans here. Here is my plan for the week:

1 Sally Hansen Quick nail color is 7.99 (get back 5EB)
2 Oral B Cross action or stages power toothbrush is 5.99 (get back 3 EB)

1 Almay one coat mascara is 6.99 (get back 5 EB)

Total after buying all 3 of these would be 26.96. Find 3.04 worth of fillers- for me personally I will throw in some trash bags because we are in need. You might however throw in some candy if you are working on the candy deal for the week or buy another EB producing item. I have hit the limit on most monthly EB deals (the good ones) so that is why I am not including one.

So your total come to around $30 (depending on your filler)
-5/30 coupon recieved in email
-2/1 Sally Hansen coupon
-1/1 Almay coupon
-BIGI free Oral B coupon (5.99 in value, due to come out in tomorrow's paper)
total =16.01 and get back 16 in EB! (you can make your EB count higher if your filler is another EB producing item!)


Erin said...

Nice scenario. I'm doing the Oral-B deal too. How can you pass up a free toothbrush? There's also a good Head & Shoulders deal this week. I'm using the BOGO coupon from the Sunday paper two weeks ago. So that's 2 big bottles of H&S shampoo for $5.99 (using the coupon) and I'll get back $4 ECBs. So $1 per bottle. I can't wait to shop today! :)

Shannon said...

Erin- for some reason I feel like I saw that the limit was only 1 on that deal... I could be wrong but just check to make sure... and that is agreat plan if it works out!

Daily Dose of Savings said...

You did a great job! I will try this scenario as well. Cant beat a penny :)

Heather said...

Make sure you scan your card at the store. I received a $2/1 Almay coupon from the scanner. I bought the Almay mascara for 6.99, used the 2/1 coupon, and received 5 ECBs=FREE.

Cara said...

Erin- I tried the Head & Shoulders deal today(6/17/08) and I only got 2ebcs. I had a $3/10 coupon and a BOGO that I used, so I paid 3.66oop for two shampoos my daughter regularly uses. Still a deal for me! :)