Sunday, June 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Last week got a little crazy with all of our severe whether here in Kansas so menus didn't quite go as planned, and you may see a repeat from last week.  Thankfully I had some things on hand to do a few quick dinners that only took 10 minutes to throw together.  As I mentioned last week, breakfast and lunch don't change much around here so you might see the same ideas from week to week.  Be sure to check out other great menu plans here.

Breakfast: Unfortunately in this house there are not many options.  
Frozen pancakes (made from scratch and then frozen) and fruit (whatever I bought for the week)
Oatmeal with fruit
Cold cereal (if you coupon long enough you will never run out of cereal!)
Yogurt with fruit
Eggs and toast

Meat and cheese sandwhich 
Grilled cheese sandwich
PB & J sandwhich
All lunches are usually served with raw veggies (whatever was on sale for the week), fruit, and crackers/chips (again whatever is on sale/in the house).  Depending on the week we might have yogurt too.

Sunday:  Fathers day dinner.  We splurged and had steak with baked potatoes, bread, and baked corn.  I also made a german chocolate cake (from a box).  It was great!
Monday: Hot dogs, roasted potatoes, peas and strawberries
Tuesday: Ritzy Chicken, bread, green beans and apple slices
Wednesday: Mexican Casserole, chips and salsa, and carrots
Thursday:  Cheeseburger rolls, oven fries and apple slices
Friday: Pepperoni pizza and raw veggies with ranch
Saturday:  Our Sunday school bon fire!

A note about snacks:  we do eat them in this house and it just depends on what I have.  Our toddler is the resident snacker so we are always sure to have animal crackers, cheese, raisins, goldfish crackers, dry cereal, fruit of any kind, granola bars and the list goes on.  Just like the rest of our menu our snacks depend on the deals for the week, or previous stocks piles.


Erika said...

Your menu sounds like ours. We keep it simple around here and what things are on sale etc. Or what I can find at out local Salvage Grocery


Mandi said...

Looks like a yummy week! The cheesecurger rolls look good, I'll have to try those soon. Have a great week!