Thursday, June 3, 2010

I-Hop: 3 FREE Meals!

Join the IHOP e-club Pancake Revolution (Free) and you will get 3 FREE MEALS your first year – one for signing up, one on your birthday and another on your 1 year anniversary.

I don't about you, but we love eating out for FREE! Thanks Mojo Savings!


blaireruch said...

I signed up my husband and I yesterday, and we both received the e-mail today. It's good for a free rooty tooty fresh 'n fruity (or menu item of equal or lesser value) through 6/18. it does say only one certificate per table, but i just called the topeka location to see if they would honor both, and she said it's one certificate per check, so if you do seperate checks, you can use both. headed there now! :)

blaireruch said...

Ok, we went this morning about a half an hour after I called to confirm. I showed the waitress the certificates, and explained about calling ahead, and she said she would double check with the manager. She came back to tell me that the manager said only one per table, but when I asked the waitress if I could speak with him about it, she came back again and said he would accept both. But my guess is that this wasn't supposed to happen, and might not again. So I would be prepared before you go.