Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 4/6 Edition

I see a pattern forming in my menu plans. Can you see it too? Yep, my weekly menu tends to get jumbled a bit. This week it was due to some unexpected events. I will do what I did last week and share my actual menu from last week and then what I "plan" for this week.

Last week:
Sunday: Cheeseburger Rolls with mashed potatoes and corn
Monday: Cheesy Penne Bake with salad
Tuesday: left over bbq pork (from the weekend)
Wednesday: Friends invited us over dinner (it was fabulous!)
Thursday: Husband worked a track meet and was fed at the school. Kids and I had sandwiches.
Friday: Pizza and raw veggies
Saturday: Jason's Deli (Topeka has .99 kids meals on the weekends!)

This week:
Monday: Chicken Tetrazzini, steamed broccoli and bread
Tuesday: Biscuits and gravy with potatoes and fruit
Wednesday: Left overs (Husband has track meet, he will be fed at the school)
Thursday: Parmesan Chicken with sweet potatoes and Caesar salad
Friday: Pizza and raw veggies

I will post the recipe I use for Parmesan chicken tomorrow. In the mean time what on earth do you use cream cheese for? I was able to get 6 packages for only .23/1 after a sale and catalina at Dillons this week! I would love your ideas:)


Kate and Dennis said...

Cream cheese/green chile chicken enchiladas! Recipe is on the label for the green chile enchilada sauce....a fave of Dennis' :)

blaireruch said...

Neiman Marcus Cake II

super easy and quick
very rich

i've made it twice in the last week!



Josh and Sarah said...

There is a cookbook called the Philadelphia cream cheese cook book :) If you go to there are lots there for cream cheese. I made fettucini alfredo once with it and it turned out really yummy. Or, cheese cake? :)

Lila said...

If you still have lots of pillsbury grands, cut the cream cheese into cubes, roll in cinnamon sugar or brown sugar, wrap the biscuit dough around them, then dip in melted butter and roll in more sugar, place in greased cake pan and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes. YUM!

bnkeelynn said...

i make fiesta chicken enchiladas. i think it is a kraft recipe. i'll send it to you. :) i also just put it on toast for cooper for a snack with fruit.

Mara said...

I recently got a great deal on 6 pkgs. cream cheese also and need to find something to do with it, lol! The enchiladas and Neiman Marcus cake sound de-lish!

A couple of my favorite things to use cream cheese for are this cheesecake - My family loves it, and it's SO easy to make!! Obviously, you can use any topping on it, not just the cherries. Our favorites are cherry pie filling or fresh blueberries.

And I'm thinking about making this Garlic-Lemon Double Stuffed Chicken to use some up....
It's so so good!

Oh, and I found this Banana Pudding recipe a couple weeks ago when looking up cream cheese recipes....very yummy!!