Friday, March 19, 2010

My March To Savings Scenario

**NOTE: BUMMER! My Kraft catalina didn't print... did yours?**

Kraft Bars, Shreds and Individual Slices are $1.67/1 ($2.17 before .50/item discount) when you buy 8 as apart of the March to Savings Event going on at Dillons this week.

There is also a catalina promotion going on. When you buy $20 worth of participating Kraft products (all cheese items in March to Savings count) you get a $4 catalina back. With the sale, catalina, and a few Kraft coupons that you may have received in the mail from Dillons this could be a great deal!

Below is the deal I plan to do including cheese and other items. Prices are before .50/item discount:
  • Buy 2 Individual Slices (2.17/1 before discount)=4.34
  • Buy 4 Kraft Shreds=8.68
  • Buy 4 of either Kraft bars, shreds or slices=8.68
  • Buy 4 Delmonte Canned Tomatoes=3.98/
  • Buy 2 Ken's Dressings=3.98
Total before sale discount=29.66
  • -$4 for buying 8 participating items
  • -$4 for buying 8 participating items
  • -2 $1/1 Kraft Shreds coupons from Dillons Mailer
  • -$1/2 Kraft individual slices coupon from Dillons Mailer
  • - $1/4 Del Monte coupon
  • -$1/2 Ken's coupon
New Total=16.66 and I will get a $4 catalina back for purchasing $20 in Kraft making my real total 12.66... a savings of almost 60%

If you break it all down I end up getting the Kraft cheese for only .97/1!


Anonymous said...

I bought 10 bags of cheese and did not get a catalina? Did yours work? Should Icall the company?

Shannon said...

Agh! Mine didn't either. I am so sorry... I plan to call so I encourage you to also.

Anonymous said...

what is the number again?

Anonymous said...

When I have had problems with a catalina printing, they send me to customer service and they give me cash + tax.