Saturday, March 20, 2010

HOT! Dr. Pepper ALERT

I just got back from doing my March to Savings shopping at Dillons. Pictures to come. Anyway I noticed on my receipt that the Dr. Pepper 2-liters that are only .78/1 TODAY ONLY are counting towards the March to Savings $4 off your total. I just happened to buy 8 2-liters of Dr. Pepper and when I looked over my receipt I noticed I received $4 off for purchasing 8 Dr. Peppers.

Qualifying items are noted by a + sign in brackets next to the item on your receipt. All of my Dr. Peppers had + signs! The Dr. Pepper is .78/1 TODAY ONLY. Buy 8 and get $4 off your total making them .28/1 or more than FREE if you can find .55/1 peelies!

This may be a glitch in the system so do this deal at your OWN RISK!

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