Friday, March 19, 2010

Cheap TP

Well these days I need all the cheap toilet paper I can get since it doesn't come FREE anymore! I am so glad that Mojo Savings alerted me to this deal at K-Mart!

Buy 5 of the 12-pk double Rolls of Northern @ $7.49 = $37.45
Use the $10 off $20 coupon here
Submit for the $5 MIR
Get $10 off your next $10 purchase catalina*
= $12.45 for all 5 12-packs!! Works out to $2.49 per 12-pack.

*To get the $10 off $10 catalina coupon, you must spend $30 in qualifying products (Northern, Brawny and more).


flemishe said...

Just FYI--people are having trouble using the coupon (it beeps, cashiers saying it's fraudulent, etc even thought it comes from K-Mart's website!) and K-Mart has since pulled it. So, YMMV when trying it at this point unless Kmart fixes it.

blaireruch said...

I just did this deal at the Topeka Kmart on Wanamaker with no problems.

Josh and Sarah said...

Does anyone know the square footage of the 12 packs?