Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Menu Plan- Thanksgiving Week

Well I didn't post this yesterday because to be honest I don't really have a plan this week. We are just winging it since we know come Thursday and Friday we will be eating the same thing both days and possibly into Saturday. Here is how this week will likely look:)

Saturday: Frozen chicken nuggets and fries with veggies and ranch dip
Sunday: Leftover Italian at my parent's house. My dad is quite the cook!
Monday: Sausage and broccoli pasta bake with crescent rolls (I just happened to have everything on hand for this!)
Tuesday: I was going to make potato soup but I have a cold that won't go away so I pulled out a frozen meal I stashed away a few weeks ago!
Wednesday: Most likely eating with my parents since I will be helping my mom get the food ready for Thursday
Thursday: Lunch: Thanksgiving dinner. We then just graze the rest of the day and usually settle for some popcorn while watching a movie with the fam.
Friday: Leftovers!

Later today I will post a recipe we use in our Thanksgiving dinner. Lets just say I got sick of the traditional frozen corn my mom always through in at the last minute:)

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