Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CVS: Black Friday info

I think I am a little coupon crazy since I found myself dreaming about the CVS black Friday sale! Definitely not as good as last year, but knowing I will get paid to shop there tomorrow makes me very excited!!!!

I got all the info I need to know from this source here. I also have the $5/$20 purchase coupon I printed a while back and the $4 bucks back when spend $20 coupon from the Season to Save book. Be sure to look for the Season to Save book in stores if you haven't gotten yours yet. The image above is what you are looking for.

Oh, and I will be at CVS with you all bright and early in the morning with my game face on. If I cut in front of you or take the last of an item I am apologizing in advance, it is nothing personal:) I haven't really been able to play competitive sports the last 4 years because I have been having children so this is where my all my competitive energies come out!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


blaireruch said...

what time does the topeka store open?
can we get rainchecks in free items?



flemishe said...

Store opens at 8AM like usual. Not sure on the rainchecks. Should have asked when I was in today.