Monday, November 16, 2009

Got To Much?

I have a friend who works for Fellowship and Faith Ministry in Topeka and she was sharing with me some needs this ministry has. This ministry (food pantry) gives out hygiene kits and food packages to people in the community and they can always use extra items!! I know I have tons of extra hygiene items on hand and just recently came into a slew of free cereal and thought that this ministry might really benefit from my extra stuff. So if you have to much and are looking for a place for it this might be a great options for you! If you don't live in the Topeka area perhaps you know of some place in your community that could be of benefit.

Below is a brief description of what is in the kits this food pantry hands out.

Hygiene kits include: shampoo, conditioner (sometimes), bar soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, deodorant, and a towel and/or washcloth

Food packages include: a variety of non-perishable foods. Saltine crackers, dry cereal, and ramen noodles are the items that go the fastest.

As of right now this food pantry is completely out of dry cereal. A complete list of items that are put in the food packages can be found here.

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e-davidson said...

Thanks Shannon! If anyone has any questions they can contact me at - Erika Toomey