Friday, November 20, 2009

Friends Don't Let Friends Pay Full Price!

Have you ever heard that expression? I remember seeing it somewhere and I love it! I am changing that expression this weekend to this: A daughter doesn't let a mother pay full price! The reason I am changing it is because I am taking my mom grocery shopping this weekend for all the food we need for our Thanksgiving dinner, and we are shopping MY WAY! .

Every year my sweet mother makes all of our Thanksgiving food (minus the Turkey... it is tradition for Grandpa to do this) and only shops 1 store because she doesn't like going to multiple locations. This year I am dragging her with me to 3 stores and I can't wait to total up all the savings she is going to experience by looking at the ad and determining where she can get the best price for the items on her list.

She has already emailed me her list and tomorrow morning is the big trip! I am going to calculate what she would have spent if she would have only shopped 1 store and then figure up how much we saved by shopping 3 stores! I am positive the savings will be worth the time we spent!!!

I'll be sure to share our results with all of you in the coming days!


Cara said...

Oh, what fun! I can't wait to see how you do.


Winter said...

Make a believer out of her Shannon! I can't wait to hear!