Friday, November 20, 2009


Did you get the "EVERYONE IS A WINNER" coupon from Gap yet? Right now when you make a purchase between 11/12-11/29 you get a coupon that actually has 3 coupons on it! The 3 coupons are redeemable 3 different weeks in December.

These are "mystery coupons." This means you do not know the coupon value until you go into the store and have the cashier scan it to see how much $$ you get off your purchase. You can save $5, $10, $15, $20 or $500 off your purchase!!! The best part? EVERYONE will win something, even it is just $5!!!! And the only amount you have to spend to redeem the coupon is the amount the coupon is worth!

So essentially you will get $15 FREE from Gap assuming you only "win" $5 with every coupon. The first coupon is valid 12/4-12/10. Now the coupon does say 1 per person, so if you try to go into the store with 5 coupons chances are they are not going to let you redeem them.



fullcupof3 said...

how do you get the original one?

Shannon said...

I got my coupon today when I made a purchase at GAP... is that what you mean?

blaireruch said...

so i can buy a pair of socks and get this coupon? no minimum on the initial purchase?

and when i go back in december, can i have the cashier scan the coupon first, and then decide what to buy? or do i have to bring my items up to buy them and then see how much $ i get taken off?

sounds great!



Shannon said...

yep you got it Blaire... but check the clearance section, they have some good stuff right now. From what I understand you can have the coupon scanned first before you decide what to buy... that is what the cashier said anyway. I assume that is subject to change.

blaireruch said...


blaireruch said...

just read the fine print on the coupon. it says you don't have to make a purchase to get the coupon. so you can just walk in and ask for it at the register. one per person.



Michelle said...

Victoria's Secret did something similar last year around Christmas time. I think you had to buy a gift card or something, but anyway, I got $50!!! I always figured that you would only get $5, but I got to buy a new bra and some panties for free. Yippy! Just to let you know that yes, you can win more money even in Kansas!