Thursday, November 19, 2009

FREE Turkey?

I have been informed that the Jenni O frozen turkeys are on sale for .39/lb. as a apart of the Dillons grand re-opening sale. (I think this maybe at 21st and Fairlawn only... correct me if I am wrong)

The FREE part comes in if you never used that $5 off Jenni O coupon you could have signed up for last spring during the Biggest Loser finale. It is for $5 off one Jennie O product! So if you get a turkey that is around 13lbs. or less you could get it FREE!

What other deals have you seen as apart of this sale? I confess I was in the new Dillons the other night for just a few things (with children) and it was such a mad house I didn't even look at the deals! So if you know of some other great sales let me know us know:)


flemishe said...

They are .39/lb in the ad for all the Dillons in the area.

Becca said...

They are $.39 a pound in Lawrence as well.