Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do you get Dillon's Coupons???

I sure hope so and I hope you got the $2/$10 dairy purchase coupon I just got along with the .45/1 Kroger cheese coupon. Here is the cheese deal I plan to do this week to get 8 oz bags for only .81/1!!!
  • Buy 8 8oz. bags of Kroger Cheese (or bars) at 2/$3=$12
  • Use $2/$10 dairy purchase coupon
  • Use .45/1 Kroger cheese coupon
  • Use 2 $1.50/2 lbs of ANY cheese coupons printed here
New Total after coupons=$6.55 or ONLY .81/BAG!!!!

Remember you CAN freeze cheese and if you don't get Dillons coupons call the customer service number on your card and request that you start recieving them! These coupons are said to be tailored to your shopping habits so I guess they decided I buy a lot of dairy or something:)


Tasha T said...

I didn't get the 2/10 dairy. Instead I received a $2/$7 frozen. Off to plan.... :D

ktcongdon said...

How did you get the $2/$10 off cheese? I got the .45 coupon, but not that one!

Shannon said...

I don't know. I usually get $$/$$ for beef or chicken... I guess the coupon fairy knew I would need this coupon for a cheese deal:)

Julie said...

Mine is a $1 off $5 dairy purchase. They must think you need to buy more than me.

LB said...

I got my very first Dillons coupons yesterday, including FREE eggs, Wheat Thins, Cheerios, and cake mix. FREE! w00t! Also got some good coupons on various brands I buy often, which sure comes in handy since I'm doing OAMC Day shopping this weekend.

Tammie said...

Thank you so much for posting about the Dillons coupons. I have been shopping with them for years and never gotten anything. I took your advice and called the number on the back of my card. Their computer system had dropped off my lot number! She corrected the problem so hopefully I will start getting some coupons in the mail thanks to your site!