Saturday, May 30, 2009


Nope no baby yet... but I do have BIG NEWS!

I have been trying to confirm some things with Walgreens customer service about their RR program that I have been having some troubles with. In the midst of doing so tonight the polite customer service man let me in on some info I wasn't aware of.

Starting in July Walgreens is rolling out a whole new rewards program and getting rid of the RRs. I just about jumped for joy as he told me that they would be doing a program similar to CVS with a rewards card and EVERYTHING! He even assured me it was supposed to be better than CVS... it might be to good to be true! If you have other info regarding this new program be sure to let us know!

So I hope that brings a smile to your week since the deals are a little slow at CVS and Walgreens.

Also don't forget to check here to see if you are able to print more high dollar Kraft coupons... I was and they don't expire for another month! These will likely no longer be printable after tomorrow so be sure to print them NOW!

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flemishe said...

I had heard through rumors that by August the RRs would be gone and a new and better program would take its place. Glad to hear its going to really happen sooner than later!