Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dillons: Nature Valley Bars for .39/1!

The catalina promotion will continue beyond today but today is the last day to get these for .39/box!!! I posted a link to a .60/1 coupon you can use also!!!
  • Buy 3 get 1.50/your next purchase catalina
  • Buy 4 get 2.50/your next purchase catalina
  • Buy 5 or more get 3.50/your next purchase catalina
Nature Valley Bars are also apart of the Mega Event going on and are priced at 2.09 after the $5 is taken off your total for buying 10 participating items. Here is how to make the most out of this deal:
  • Buy 5 boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars=10.45
  • Use 5 .50/1 coupons=-5.00 or .60/1 coupons here!
  • Total=5.45 and you get a $3.50/your next purchase catalina
That is 1.95 for 5 boxes or .39/box!!!

Note: the above deal is assuming that you have bought 5 other mega event qualifying items along with your 5 boxes of granola bars. You must buy 10 items total for this deal to work! See all qualifying items here!


Laura said...

sweet deal!! thanks for finding it!!

Everyday Realities said...

I went tonight for my second run of the MEGA EVENT

I bought
2 boxes wheat thins 2.39 each
3 pkgs of cheese 1.99 each
1 Armour meatballs 2.50
2 Green Giant Steamers 1.50 each
2 bxs fruit snack 2.00 each
total 20.25
-5.00 Mega Event
-2.00 for the wheat thins
-1.00 on kraft cheese
-1.00 on armour meatballs
-2.00 Green giant steamers
-1.00 for fruit snacks
new total $8.25 + tax

I also got some 2 bottles of soft soap for .30 each and 1 box of spaghetti for .50 after coupons
and 3lbs of organic green apples for $1.29!