Monday, November 17, 2008

CVS:Free batteries

Most of you may know about the Duracell battery deal going on at CVS:

Get $15 in EB wyb (when you buy) $20 worth of Duracell, limit 3
Duracell - AA, AAA 8 pk, C, D 4 pk, 9V 2 pk =5.99
Duracell- AA, AAA 16 pk, C, D 6 pk, 9 V 4 pk=9.99

There are a few clarifying items I would like to share about our Topeka store.

Our store does have the $5/2 CVS coupon that you may have read about on other blogs. It was not put out until yesterday morning and they are hanging above the batteries. The batteries can be found on an end cap at the front of the store across from the photo counter. Take note that some batteries are marked "digital" and I am not sure they are apart of the deal.

Another thing you need to know is that there has been some difficulty in using ECB's to pay for these. If you plan to use ECBs that are greater than a $5 amount I suggest you pay in ECBs first and then use your $5/2 CVS coupon. I don't know why but after your $5/2 coupon is scanned the computer is having a hard time taking any ECB's that are over $5. Here is what your deal could possibly look like:
  • Buy 1 large Duracell Battery pack at 9.99
  • Buy 2 small packs at 5.99=11.98
  • Total=21.97
  • Use $5/2 CVS coupon (you may only use 1 in 1 transaction!)
  • Use 3 .75/1 MF coupons=-2.25
  • Total=14.72
  • Pay in EB, and get back $15 in EB!= FREE BATTERIES!
Note: If you have EB's that are $5 or greater pay with your $14.72 in EB's first! Then use your MF coupons and finally the CVS $5/2.

If you are a new reader an this makes no sense I totally apologize! For those of you seasoned CVSers I hope this helps!


Libbi said...

I bought 4/ 5.99 packs and used 2/5.00 coupons and still got 15.00 back. I did purchase several other items and used ECB's and paid 22.38 but got back 38.00 in ECB' I am not sure what the limit of 3 means. Can you do this transaction 3 times, if so...I wish I would have pulled more than two coupons. They were all gone by the time I rechecked!

Thanks for all you post!

Shannon said...


The reason you can not use 2 of the 5/2 in one transaction is because the coupon says specifically one per person (which means 1 per transaction). Even though the cashier or computer might let you we still have to go by the rules of the coupon.

Yes you can do the deal 3 times.

Cara said...

Thanks for this post! I went today and followed what you said and got for 4 8pks of batteries for 20 cents!!
I appreciate your help!