Saturday, September 13, 2008

CVS: FREE Cover Girl!

This is my plan for the week of Sep. 14th. I am excited that you can get FREE Cover Girl products again this month!

Deal idea #1:
2 Wetslicks=7.98
1 eyeshadow=2.99
-2/10 CVS coupon
-BIGI CG lip product coupon=-3.99
-2 1/1 CG coupons
Total=2.98, and get 3 EB back when you purchase $10 worth of CG products= FREE + .02 overage!

Deal Idea #2:
Buy 6 of either Skippy PB, Ragu, or Hellman's mayo=$10 (3/$5)
-2/10 CVS coupon
- 6 coupons ranging from .50/1, .60/1 or 1/2= $3 ish dollars depending on what you buy
Total=5.00, and get 3 EB back when you purchase $10 worth of these products=$2.00 for all 6! That is like paying .33/1 jar!

Deal Idea #3:
1 Just for men hair color=7.99 (get 2 EB back)
1 Excedrin gels 20 ct.=3.99 (get 3.99 back=FREE!)
-2/10 CVS coupon
-2/1 Just for men coupon
-2/1 Excedrin coupon
Total= 5.98, and get back 5.99 in EB= FREE +.01! You can also send in for this $8.00 rebate on Just for Men and get an overage of 8.00!

Deal Idea #4:
1 Purex=2.99 (get 1 EB back)
1 Salley Hanson product=3.99 (get 2 EB back)
1 Alieve D=3.99 (get 3 EB back)
-2/10 CVS coupon
-.50/1 Purex coupon
- 1/1 Sally hanson coupon
-1/1 Alieve D coupon
Total=6.47, and get back 6 EB!

Including the $8 JFM rebate you make an overage of 5.56 this week! You can see my actual trip here, and other deal scenarios here!


Em said...

Hey Shannon, I printed off the Excedrin coupon last week and noticed that it is says 24ct. or larger. The deal at CVS is for a 20ct box...has that been a problem for you or anybody else last week/this week?


Shannon said...

Hi there. I have to apologize because I am sometimes notorious for not looking at the fine print on coupons:( I also didn't realize that the Excedrin that is on sale is 20ct.:( The coupon will probably work, but for the sake of being honest it is best to not use it. Sorry about that!

Sarah said...

I was at CVS in Topeka around 2pm. They were out of CoverGirl Wetslicks Amazement lipstick but because the ad said "$10 of ANY CoverGirl product" I tried the Lipslicks that are regularly $3.99 and they worked. So, in case anyone was wondering it is ANY CG product, not just those shown in the ad.