Sunday, August 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday (Aug. 11)

This menu plan includes last week and this week. We had family in town for 4 days so my menu plan is unique because of that. Since I decided to shop for 2 weeks I figure I should post a 2-week plan so you can see how I accommodated double the mouths to feed for 4 days and still stay with in $10 of my budget!

My usual breakfast and lunch plan can be found here. I was particularly thankful for being well stocked on cold cereal which served well for breakfast while family was in town.

Week 1 (last week):
Sunday: snacks with our small group- we brought raspberry black bean dip
Monday: Ate with friends at Red Robin because we had a gift card!
Tuesday: Ate Chinese at Hy-Vee since we needed to pick up some groceries
Wednesday: Chicken, pepper and onion stir fry/rice/orange slices
Thursday - Monday meals include feeding our family for a total of 4 adults and 2 toddlers
Thursday: Cheesy Chicken and Rice/salad/homemade cricket bread/apple crisp
Friday: Lunch: Sandwiches/fruit/veggies. Dinner: Homemade pepperoni and sausage pizza/bread sticks/salad
Saturday: Lunch: leftovers with fruit and veggies. Dinner: Hamburger potato casserole/green beans/cresent rolls/variety of fruit/cookie bars
Sunday: Lunch: Blue berry pancakes/bacon/eggs. Dinner: Hamburgers and hot dogs/potato salad/baked beans/birthday cake for niece's b-day!

Week 2 (this week):
Monday: Lunch: Leftovers with fruits and veggies Dinner: Impossibly easy cheeseburger pie/bread/broccoli/apple slices
Tuesday: Egg salad sandwiches/raw veggies/orange slices
Wednesday: Chicken Macaroni/green beans/fruit
Thursday: Chicken nuggets/mashed potatoes/steamed carrots
Friday: Sausage Pizza/raw veggies
Saturday: Dinner with Parents

I hope you have a great Monday!


Sonshine said...

yummy menu!! I might have to try your hamburger potato casserole some time!! That looks easy and everything in it I know my family would eat. :) It also gives me a non-tomato based ground beef meal!!

Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your week! :)

CJ said...

In week one's menu you list homemade cricket bread. I've never heard of that. Can you share your recipe?

Welcome to My Loft! said...

Wow! I am super impressed with being able to do so much with so little grocery money.