Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dillons for 8/20-8/26

Here are the Deals for this week. It certainly looks better than last week!
  • Dillon's Milk is 2.99
  • Colorado fresh peaches are 1.29/lb.
  • 1 dozen large eggs are .99
  • Olathe sweet corn is 5/$2 (beats the Aldi price of 4/1.99
  • General Mills cereal =1.99- use 1/1 cheerios coupons to get these for .99 or various other GM coupons from recent inserts or coupon widgets to get other types of cereal for .99 after doubling the coupons. (let us know what you get!)
  • Quacker granola bars are 1.99 - use 1/2 coupon and get both boxes for 2.98 or 1.49/box (beats the aldi off brand price!)
10/10 Sale
  • Dillon's white bread (Aldi is .79)
  • Kroger Frozen veggies
  • Kroger sour cream or dips (same as Aldi price)
  • Hunts snack packs- use .30/2 coupon doubled to get both for 1.40 or .70/1!
  • Fast Fixin chicken- be sure to sign up here to get 5 1/1 coupons making these FREE!
  • Kroger frozen novelties (ice cream sandwiches, private selection ice cream)
  • Bounty Basic paper towels- register your Dillon's card here and load the .50/1 coupon to get these for .50/1 or FREE if the coupon doubles (any body know if these double?)
  • Kroger fruit snacks or toaster treats
  • Land O lakes spreadable butter
  • Kroger tortilla chips or pretzels (same as aldi price)
  • Kroger brand saltines
  • Kroger bagels
  • Kroger 8 oz. bar of cream cheese (beats the Aldi prcie)
  • Banquet Meals


Cara said...

The shortcuts coupons do not double.
I used them yesterday. You can still use a paper manufacturer's coupon with them though.

Shannon said...

The bounty coupon is actually not a shortcuts coupon, it is one from (their P&G deal)... but maybe these don't double either since the shortcuts ones don't... I have yet to try it out.