Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Coupon Policy for Dillons?

**Posts will be up later than usual due to me being out of town today**

It seems that there is a lot of hype going around about Dillons changing their coupon policy. Most of this information has come from store cashiers. I will be honest and tell you that I never trust a cashier or a store manager and always call the corporate office on big issues like this. This may sound harsh, but I have been told too much false information to believe otherwise.

That being said, I have been in contact with our Kansas corporate office for Dillons. It seems that a new coupon policy was created without permission within the operations department. I have been assured that the coupon policy has NOT and will not change!

The one change we can expect is new technology to be put in place to ensure that no e-coupons are stacked with paper coupons. I have been told that this is still in the process and it will take a while.

If you are reading posts about this "new coupon policy change" please email them to me. I would like to send them to KS corporate so they can address it. Thanks!

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