Monday, August 30, 2010

Hy-Vee: MM Cereal Scenario!

Okay. This cereal deal at Hy-Vee is pretty awesome! Now I know I don't need the 24 boxes of cereal that are sitting right beside me as I type this. I did, however, make $16 buying them! Since I don't NEED all this cereal a great local food bank will be receiving much of it.

Below are a few deals you can do at Hy-Vee through the end of the day tomorrow. I am going to encourage my readers to also give away any cereal that you don't NEED, yet have accumulated from this awesome sale and others in the previous weeks. Email me if you need ideas where to give it... I have plenty!

Scenario #1
Buy 6 boxes of cereal that is $2.49 (those include small portions of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grams, Trix, Plain Cheerios, Cocoa Buffs, Boo Berry, Count Chochula)

Total - $14.94
-$10/6 in-ad coupon
- 3 $1/2 GM cereal coupons printed here or from 8/22 SS

New Total with coupons- $1.94 and get a $6 catalina back to use on a future purchase. You just made $4.06! You will also get a $2/5 boxes of GM cereal coupon too!

New total if you have NO coupons- $4.94 and get a$6 catalina back... still is a $1.04 money maker!

Now... just continue to roll your catalina! Yes, you can use this catalina on another cereal purchase, and you will continue to get the $6 catalina back and more $2/5 coupons too!

There are other cereals that are apart of this deal that you can get for VERY cheap by following the same scenario above. Here are some other prices I know.

Chex Cereal (I stocked up for Christmas time!) - $3.09
Other Cheerios flavors (fruity, honey nut, multi-grain - $3.79
Fiber One Cereal - $3.99



Rachelle said...

I am new to the area, and this will be my first Hy-Vee adventure. Can I get the ad for the coupon from a stand at the store, or is this something I would have had to have gotten in the paper?

Shannon said...

you can get the ad in the store and your cashier should have a copy of the ad as well.

D said...

I live in Lawrence, and on Saturday one of the HyVee stores was practically begging people to take ginormous boxes of Cheerios for free. I was getting 6 boxes (14oz) at 6/$16, then $10 off instantly AND the managers were handing out $1 off/box peelies to use as well. So, I only had to pay tax and still got $6 back. As I was heading to check out, the manager came up and asked me if I wanted 12 more boxes. They rolled the previous Catalina into each purchase for me (ringing up 6 at a time), so I ended up getting 18 14-oz boxes of Cheerios for about $1.60 AND walked away with another $6 Catalina. I'd already done the deal earlier in the week (smaller boxes of Cheerios and some of the "fun" cereal), so we have 37 boxes of cereal in the house and I have $12 of Catalinas left to use. All in all, I think they paid me $8.80 to take home 37 boxes of cereal.

Just one of the many reasons I LOVE HYVEE.

ThriftyPuppy said...

Look for $1.00 pink peelies as well. I found them on the Total boxes, which were priced $2.99 at my store. I paid $2 for the cereal and got back the $6 Cat, so still a $4 moneymaker. Even better, they also let me use a peelie that I had for $3 off any orange juice wyb 2 GM cereals. Free Florida's Natural for me! :-)

Russell and Krystal Fawl said...

You can always print in-ad coupons off the HyVee website as well as manuf. coupons!