Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CVS: 4 Old Spice Body Washes FREE!

Well the Gillette Body wash deal at CVS this week is wildly popular, go figure:)

When I went in yesterday morning to our CVS they were completely out of the Gillette Body wash but had plenty of the Old Spice. I asked a manger if she had any more Gillette in the back and they did not. I pointed out that my Gillette coupons were expiring 5/31 and I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to use them.

To my surprise she said she would take those coupons and use them for the Old Spice! I guess they have done this for a few other people as well! So here is how my deal worked out:
  • Bought 4 Old Spice Body Washes - $16
  • Used 2 B1G1 Gillette Coupons - -$8
  • Used $4/2 Gillette Coupon - $4
Total - $4.00 and I got back $8 EBs! It was a $4 money maker!

**Also they have Bic Soliel Razor cartridges (4 pack) on clearance for $2 in their clearance section. Use $2/1 coupons from 5/2 SS to get these FREE!

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