Monday, April 12, 2010

FREE Snack + NEW coupons!

One of my favorite snack food of all time is T.G.I. Friday's Potato Skins, specifically the bacon cheddar variety. So you can imagine my excitement to find out that I can get them FREE this week at Walgreens with this coupon! Here is how:

T.G.I. Friday's Potato Skins=$1.39/1 at Walgreens
Use $1.50/1 printable HERE


Other Printable coupons you don't want to miss:

.50/2 Birds Eye steamfresh veggies, pasta or rice varieties

.50/1 Green Valley Fresh Steamers

$3/1 Huggies Diaper product
(this has been said to have possibly reset again?)

$5/1 Enfagrow Chocolate or Vanilla (Enfimil formula for toddlers)


Michelle said...

Hope this hasn't come through several times...having trouble sending it. :(

Do you have trouble with overages at Walgreens? I was just there last night. I had a coupon for $4 off the Gillette Fusion Power razors. They were on clearance for $3.14. So, I picked it up. Went to pay for it and the manager said I could not use the coupon since it was over the amount of the product and they can't modify coupons. Doesn't seem right to me...will probably go back today to try to catch a different manager.

Shannon said...

Hi Michelle,

I have run into this problem at what I have labeled "difficult Walgreens storez" By that I mean they have managers that seem to be stricter than corporate actually tells them to be. There are a few Walgreens here in Topeka that I have never had problems with and seem to actually understand coupons. Those stores are 29th and gage and 10th and Topeka BLVD. I know 21st and Fairlawn is usually pretty good about coupons, but 10th and gage is strict! In theory that manager can modify the coupon he just chose not to because he probably doesn't understand the rules.

Hope that helps.

Michelle G. said...

Definitely helps. 10th and Gage...that's where I was, so I'll make sure to use a different Walgreens now. Thanks Shannon!