Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hanging the Laundry to Dry!

We have lived in our current house for 2 1/2 years. My clothes lines have clearly been haning in the back yard long before we moved in, however, I just now decided to actually use them!

With promises of temps around 80 degrees and a good breeze I decided to wash our bedding and hang it out to dry. In the process, I turned it into a fun little "science experiment" for my 3-year old. He loves to help with laundry but I have never taken the time to explain to him what the washer and dryer actually do.

So, as we took the bedding off the bed and put into the washer I explained to him the purpose of the washer and dryer. He understood that what goes into the washer gets wet and then we put it into to the dryer so it gets dry. After our items had been washed we put them into a laundry basket and took them outside.

I simply explained to Seth that instead of using the dryer we were going to do an "experiment" and see if the sun and wind would dry our sheets. So, we hung up our wet sheets and then went about our business for the morning. Okay, I hung the sheets and Seth made sure to point out where all the dog poop was so I wouldn't step in it. Thanks, buddy!

After about 3 hours we went out to check on our laundry. Seth was so excited and exclaimed "It is dry, the sun and wind dryed our stuff!" I was amazed too. Not that I didn't believe it would work, but that I had never done this before and my little 3 year old got so excited about something so simple. It is amazing what their little minds find fascinating! He also made sure to tell me how nice the wind and sun were to dry our sheets:)

I wonder how many other every day jobs I do that I can make a science experiment out of? Laundry sure is more fun around here now!


Sarah said...

Glad Seth was watching out for your shoes. :)

As for laundry outside, I absolutely LOVE the smell of air dried laundry. And I'll have to remember the science experiment.

Laundry dried outside =
Cheaper (free!)
Lovely scent
Getting tan
and now, Entertainment!

Mary Q Contrarie said...

I have been drying all of my laundry on 2 clothes drying racks for almost two years. My kids are teenagers so it is no longer science experiments with them but economic and home finance class. We talk about how many watts one load of drying takes then we do the math and figure out the money saved and how that money can go into their college fund instead of to the power company.