Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Here is my $50/week menu plan. I confess I didn't pay very close attention to my grocery budget this month and so this week I am using what I have. I did make a run to the apple market for some good buys on fresh produce, and then of course got some great deals with the Dillon's Mega Event. But other than that I only spent around $20 for the week.

Sunday: Brats, left over pasta salad from the weekend, mandarin oranges
Monday: Dinner with my parents (they actually invited us over b/c they just got back from vacation... I didn't ask out of desperation:)
Tuesday: Pigs in blanket, macaroni and cheese, raw veggies
Wednesday: BBQ chicken sandwhiches, oven fries, green beans
Thursday: Chicken Macaroni, green beans, apple slices
Friday: Pizza and raw veggies

If you have a Kroger/Dillons near by don't forget to stock up at the Mega Event this week. You can see my $7 trip here! Have a great week!


Marie said...

I'm in the same boat Shan. Not having much money to work with isn't fun!

Joy said...

Me too. It is a week to eat what we have until payday. But I stock up at sales (like the Mega event) and so we actually have a lot of options!