Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dillons: Diaper Sale!

Over at 21st and Belle Dillons they have a whole TON of diapers marked down in their clearance section! There are Huggies, Pampers and even Kroger Comforts brand!

When I was there yesterday they told me they had much more in the back so if you go today and it looks like slim pickings make sure to ask someone if there are any more in the back. Oh, and be sure to take your coupons with you to get some really good deals!!!

For me personally after coupons I got 5 packages of Huggies Diapers/Pull-ups for around $10 (before Caregiver's Marketplace rebate) and 1 Mega pack of Kroger Comforts for $3.50!


Samantha said...

Where was the clearance section at? I looked there today and didn't see any. Maybe I was just lost. I was looking forward to getting that deal. I have two little ones in diapers.

Shannon said...

The clearance section at that Dillons is between the dairy isle and meat isle... It is kind of tucked away.