Sunday, March 8, 2009

CVS and Walgreens 3/8

So I confess that I was SO distracted by the AWESOME Huggies deal at Walgreens I totally forgot to even look at the CVS ad! I apparently was still distracted b/c I missed all the other freebies to be had at Walgreens besides the diapers!

I will just tell you that for this week you can check out the other Walgreen's deals here and the CVS deals here!

If I happen to go to CVS I will be sure to post what I did, but with the lack of freebies this week I may not make it. The 12 jumbo packs of Huggies I just got for a grand total of around $16 after tax, RRs and Caregivers rebate just might have to serve as my great deal for the week:)

Have a great Sunday!


jamie borgman said...

hey shannon!

when is the best day to buy your groceries? do you find that wednesday or thursday for example may have the best sales? Thanks!

Marie said...

Hey how many times can you do the Walgreens deal? Can you roll the $10 RR for more diapers? I still have a bunch of those coupons to use.

Shannon said...

Unfortunately you can't roll the Huggies RRs for more Huggies... but you can do the deal as many times as you want... you just end up with a lot of RRs if you do. I would just use them to buy your FAR stuff for the month.

Shannon said...


It all depends on the store you shop at. Dillons for instance usually marks down produce in the morning so if that is what you are looking for go in the morning. As far as other markdowns they happen every day throughout the day. I like shopping Friday best because they usually have 3-day sales starting then that aren't advertised in the regular ad.

Also I have learned that Hy-Vee prefers to throw away produce and other stuff instead of marking it down (straight from the manager's mouth) so you will never find markdowns there:(

I hope that answers your question!

Marie said...

I'm glad someone got some diapers, because by the time I got there this morning, THEY WERE ALL GONE!
Oh well, I suppose I will use my coupons at CVS and pay for my diapers. :) It will still be a good deal.

Shannon said...


You should be able to get a raincheck for the Huggies deal... also be sure to check back later in the week as many Topeka Walgreens get a truck in on Thursday or Friday.

Jeano said...

tell me the order for walgreens again.
store, rr, coupons????

Shannon said...


Always give RRs first, then MF coupons and then store coupons (ad or ES).

Hope that helps!

Cara said...

You can get a trial size Johnson's Body Care lotion free at Wags with $1 off Q that came out recently. They are marked at .99, found on an endcap of the haircare isle.

My coupon did beep, but the cashier just pushed it on through.