Sunday, January 18, 2009

My CVS Trip -1/18

I was pleasantly surprised today when I received a 10/50 coupon from the coupon printer at our CVS! I was planning to burn some bucks but after this coupon I only burned 1 EB! Here is what I did:
  • 4 12 packs of Pepsi=$12
  • 3 bags of Lays chips=$9
  • 2 Rogaine for Men foam at 19.99/1=39.98
  • 4 Excedrin at 1.99=7.96
  • 2 CVS 5 ct. Allergy tablets at 3.79/1=7.58
Total before coupons=76.52
  • - 10/50 CVS coupon
  • - 2 15/1 Rogaine coupons=-$30
  • - 4 2/1 Excedrin coupons=-$8
New total=28.52, paid in EBs and a little OOP and got back 10 EB for Pepsi deal, 10 EB for Rogaine and 7.58 for the CVS allergy tablets=total of $27.58 back!

I did end up "burning" 1 EB, but I look at it as getting 4 12 packs of Pepsi for only $1!!!! and I can turn in my pepsi/lays stuff for the $15 in coupons rebate!

To see other deals for the week or where to print some of the coupons I used be sure to see this post here!

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blaireruch said...

There's some makeup for 50% and 75% off. I got a $2 Revlon CRT and with a $2 mf, got some lipgloss for free.

All St. Ives skin care (lotion/body wash/face wash) is on sale for $2.99. There are $2 mf printables via
I got 2 10 oz. jars of apricot scrub face wash.

Puffs tissues .99 - .25 mf = .74 limit 6

Bausch & Lomb twin pack of rewetting drops $7.49 - $2 eb = $5.49. This is a good price.

The best thing this week is on page 5 of the ad. If you buy 3 Hallmark cards, you get $3 eb. Buy 3 .99 for $2.97 and get $3 eb back! And the limit is 5!!!!! So you can get 15 cards and get paid .15! :)


at the 37th and Wanamaker store.

I couldn't find the Mauna Loa chocolate covered macadamia nts at first, so I asked a manager. She said they didn't have any, and they must be in stock, or maybe they didn't carry them, b/c someone had been in earlier and they spent 20 minutes looking for them and could not find them. I found them! They are in the candy aisle towards the end where the big bags of individual candy are. Like the 2nd shelf up from the floor, I think. They have plenty.

These are on sale for 2/$4, but there is a Walgreen easysaver coupon in the January catalog on page 4 for $3/2. That makes them .50 each. And they are scrumptious!

Skippy and Ragu deal
Buy 8, get $10 rr
$1.99 x 8 = $15.92 - $10 rr = $5.92
Use .40 and .40 mf for Skippy and .50/2 and .75/2 mf for Ragu.
I only had 4 coupons but it worked out to be .46 each. If you have more, even better!

Dixie napkins $1.99 - $1 mf from today's paper = .99

They have lots of toys and candle sets priced at 75% off. I got a bunch of toys for birthdays for $1.74. And stocking stuffers for next year for .49. Lots of Disney Princess, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Cars themed stuff.