Thursday, January 22, 2009

A little houskeeping...

I don't usually do posts like this but it has come to my attention that many area cashiers at different stores are becoming very cautious about coupons. They are becoming so cautious that often a manger needs to be called to verify that the coupon is valid. This is mainly happening with internet coupons. A manager at a local Walgreens confirmed that they have received emails from their corporate office encouraging them to be on the look out for fraudulent coupons or in other words internet coupons that have been printed and then copied on a copy machine.

Walgreens and other stores are learning how to tell if an internet coupon is legitimate or not. Each coupon that is printed off the internet has the barcode that the cashier scans and then it has a seperate code found in the top right hand corner of the coupon. That code in the top right hand corner is different on every coupon printed. If the code is the same on 2 coupons then the managers know that the coupon has been copied.

When copied coupons are used it is very possible that the store is then not reimbursed for the coupon. It is important that we use coupons correctly so that we are not taking advantage of the companies that offer them or the stores we shop at.

I am not posting this suggesting that any of my readers copy coupons, however, I wanted to make you aware of what I have learned.



Sarah said...

I noticed the cashier at Walgreens looking over my coupons carefully last night. :)
I think this is a good thing and I'm glad they are learning.
Thanks for the info.

Marie said...

Thanks Shan! I agree--we need to keep things honest.

blaireruch said...

When we hit the back button to get the 2nd coupon to print, does that create a new code on the top right, or is it a duplicate code/coupon?


blaireruch said...

I just printed something and the
2nd coupon does have a different code, so yay!


flemishe said...

I went to one of the WG in town a few weeks ago, and they wouldn't take my coupons because they said they had been "scanned". They showed me a copy of the newspaper coupon that someone had scanned and printed, and I had to get a manager to explain to them that my coupons came from the manu. website, not copied from the newspaper. They finally took them, but it was with a bit of a struggle.

Carrie said...

Thank you for this post. I have been getting so frustrated that bad apples out there are ruining Internet coupons for the rest of us. Two of my local groceries will not take Internet coupons at all because they have been burned by counterfeits. The stores that do take them have big binders full of coupons they're not supposed to take, and it can be quite time consuming to wait while they page through the binders and compare my totally legitimate coupon.
I really think the industry needs to stay on top of its game to put out fake-proof coupons, or else no stores are going to end up taking them.