Friday, September 26, 2008

Walgreens: $5/$20 COUPON!

Click here to get yours! You can see good deals to use this coupon here and below is my plan:
  • Buy 4 Glade Scented oil candle holders at 5.99=23.96
  • Buy 2 Glade Fabric fresheners at 2.99=5.98
  • Buy 1 Pert Plus=4.29 (Sep. FAR)
  • Buy 1 2 pk. Extreme Energy shot=3.99 (Oct. FAR)
  • Buy 1 Rimmel lasting finish mineral foundation=7.49 (Oct. FAR)
Total=45.71+ tax
Use 4 2/1 MF coupons for Glade candle holders (-8)
Use Sep. ES coupon 2/1 for Glade candle holders (-8)
Use 2 1.50/1 Glade fabric freshener coupons=(-3)
Use 2 Sep. ES coupon 1/1 Glade fabric freshener coupon (-2)
Use 1 2/1 Pert Plus MF coupon (-2)
Use 2.50/1 Oct. ES pert plus coupon (-2.5)
=20.21+ tax
Use 5/20 coupon
=15.21, and send in for 21.48 in Oct. Rebates and 4.29 for September rebates! This deal is a money maker of 10.56!

Remember you can only use the 5/20 on a total that=$20 after coupons!


Sarah said...

Isn't there a $1 of Rimmel mfg coupon?

Sarah said...

There IS also a $1 off Rimmel coupon that I realize you aren't using because of the total. I plan to get the Loreal Skin FAR instead of the Pert Plus - use the $1/1 Rimmel and $1/1 LOreal. I'm also getting some Draino because our bathroom sink needs it! There is a $1 rebate and that will help ensure my total is over $20. What a fun shopping day. :)

Anna said...

Just wondering, can you submit the same receipt for both September and October FAR items?

Shannon said...

Anna- That is a good questions and what that I am not sure what the answer is to. I would say if you have troubles call the ES customer service line and they should be able to help you. It seems I have been able to do it in the past... but now I am not sure:)

And yes Sarah you guessed it... I didn't use the Rimmel coupon because of my total. Sounds like you have a good plan thought, and you should actually have a 2/1 Loreal coupon from last weekends paper