Sunday, June 1, 2008

CVS Plan for the week

Here is my plan for CVS this week.  I plan to do 4 transactions, but in the end you will see it is totally worth it!  You can see other great CVS plans here
Transaction 1:
 One touch mini 19.99 (get back 5EB)
1 Pampers diapers
1 CVS bandages 1.99 (get back 1.99 EB)
- 20/1 One touch coupon
 -1.50 pampers
- 3/15 = 5.47, pay with 5 EB +tax, get back 6.99

Second transaction is the same as the 1st

1 swiffer 5.99 (will get back 5 EB in next trasaction for this one- buy10 get 5 back)
1 pampers 7.99 (get back 5 on this one since the 3rd pack will put me over the 20 mark to get 5EB back)
1 Listerine 3.49 (get back 3.49 EB)
-1/1 swiffer coupon,
-1.50 pampers, 
-1/1 listerine,
-3/15=10.99, use 11 EB (hopefully the price adjust) + tax and get back 8.49 EB on this one

1 Listerine 3.49(get back 3.49),
2 oral B twin packs 6.99 (get back 6.99), 
2 Dawns (buy 2 get 1EB on sale for 2/2),
1 swiffer 5.99 (get back 5EB on this one for buying 10 worth of products)
-1/1 listerine,
-1/1 swiffer,
-1.50 in dawn coupons, 
-1.75 in oral b coupons, 
-3/15=17.21, use 16 in EB + tax, get back 23.97

So all together I am spending 37 EB and getting back 45.94 EB... a profit of 8 EB!

Note: A few of my coupons were 1 day expired.  I have always been told our CVS accepts expired coupons, but the Topeka store informed me this morning that they will no longer take expired coupons, so it looks like my great plan won't work here in Topeka.


Sarah said...

Were you able to work up an alternate?
Although it stinks for us, I think that manager is right. The mfr won't pay for coupons the store accepts when expired. So its a good business decision not to take them.

Shannon said...

I need to do some researching about expired coupons... I have actually been told that the mf will still pay for those coupons if they are submitted with in a certain time frame.

Kristin said...

My husband called our CVS and was told that they won't accept expired coupons. I used several that were one day expired, though, and they didn't beep.