Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reader Q&A

I had a reader write me and ask some great questions, so I thought I would post my answers here:

What does "recent inserts" mean and where do I find these inserts?
Answer:  When I talk about recent inserts or inserts I am referring to the coupons found in the Sunday paper.  There are 3 inserts that may appear in your paper and they are titled Smart Source, Red Plum, and the P&G brand saver.  Take note that the P&G brand saver usually only comes out in the paper on the 1st Sunday of the month.  On occasion they will have another one in the middle of the month, but this is not often.  Remember that you are not likely to find coupons in "holiday weekend" papers.  Another item of note is that I get all my coupons from the KC star, so if you only get the Topeka Capitol Journal you are not likely to have all the coupons I refer to because the inserts that come in the star ALWAYS have more coupons.

The coupons that you describe in your blog-where do you get these from?  Take for example-the Pringles coupon or the can of soups coupons, are they also from the Sunday paper?
Answer:  Most of the coupons I refer to in my blog are from the Sunday inserts.  If they are from an online source I will always link you to that coupon.

What do you mean by loading coupons to your Dillon's card?
Answer:  If you go to customer service at most stores you will find they have a card for their store that allows you to get discounts on prices in that store.  Well Dillon's has teamed up Proctor and Gamble (makers of the P&G brand saver) to have online coupons available for you to download onto your Dillon's card.  Then when you go into the store and buy that item you downloaded a coupon for the amount the coupon was for will be deducted from your total.  This is a way to not have to cut paper coupons and take them with you to the store. You can go here to read more about how the program works.  To be honest this is hard to explain so if any other coupon pros out there want to go into further detail feel free to comment!  I would suggest that if you are new to couponing to not use this option just yet.  Get to know your way around "coupon world" and then maybe tackle this option:)  It will make more sense with time- I promise!

One other item of note is that if you are new to couponing you will likely not have all the coupons just yet that I refer to.  I often have about 2-3 months worth of coupon inserts cut up and organized that I pull from.  I say 2-3 months because most coupons expire in that amount time.  So your 1st task is to start collecting and organizing coupons- look for a post about this to come!


coopncamsmama said...

Can you give us some more ideas on menu planning on a budget?

Sean said...

Can you give us some ideas on how to organize coupons that doesn't take up too much time and space? BTW - you are AWESOME! I can't tell you how many people you are helping!

Shannon said...

I went ahead and created a post about organizing... I will address ideas on menu planning in the near future:)

Thanks for the great encouragement!