Friday, May 30, 2008

My Weekly Trip

I only shopped at Dillon's this week because we didn't need much.  I am pretty well stocked from great sales in previous weeks,  so I already had most everything on hand for the meals I am going to make.  Look for a post about my menu plan for the week to come soon!  Here is what I bought today.  
Take note:  MS means manager special.  These are the orange/red tags you will find on things that have been marked down due to various reasons... usually because the expiration date is nearing.
  • Kroger Grape tomatoes on MS= .99 (regularly 2.99)
  • Kroger Coffee Creamer=1.98
  • Carol Budding lunch meat 2.00-1/1 coupon=1.00
  • 6 pack of Yoplait Dora yogurt - 2.50- .40/1 coupon from .50/1 coupon doubled to 1.00= 1.10
  • Dillon's 8 pack of buns=.98
  • 2 loaves of Dillon's cracked wheat bread marked down to .89/1= 1.78 for 2 (these are usually 1.50 or more per loaf)
  • Kroger 39 oz coffee=5.99
  • 1/2 gallon buttermilk on MS=1.00 (regular price is usually 1.70 or more)(I like to make homeade pancakes and freeze them for breakfast- they are the best with buttermilk)
  • Cauliflower on MS=.99 (regular price is usually 1.60 or more)
  • 2 Farmland sausage rolls=2.00- 2 1/1 coupons makes them FREE
  • 1 bag of Fiji apples on MS =.99/bag  (regular price is usually 3.99/bag)
  • 1 bag of mixed fruit on MS= .99/bag (regular price is usually 3.99/bag)
  • 1 2.5lb bag of russet potatoes on MS=.99/bag (regular price is 2.50/bag)
  • I bunch of green onions=.79
  • 4 cambell's soups marked at .49/1=1.96- .40/4 coupon doubled to .80/4=1.16 or .29/can
  • I Brita slim pitcher=10.99  (I had a rain check to make this 4.99 and then a 5/1 coupon so this was FREE)
My total before coupons was 34.03,  after coupons it was 22.85.  Total savings from MF coupons, doubled coupons and store coupons was 17.18, that is 44%!  I bought 21 items so I paid roughly about 1.08 per item if you average it out. 

Now for the real math geek in me:  If you total up what I should have paid for everything before Manager Special, my total should have been around $45.00 ( saved about $11.00 on my ms items).  But because I was willing to buy things on ms I ended up saving even more... so technically I saved about 64% after you calculate all my coupons/store savings (17.18) and the $11.00 I saved for buying things on MS

I am kind of a math geek, but what do you expect- I am married to a math teacher!

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