Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dillons 5/28-6/3

Here are the best deals at the Topeka Dillon's this week
  • California sweet red cherries-2.99/lb. (good only at 29th and urish, 21st and belle, and 21st and fairlawn)
  • Dillon's milk- 2.79
  • Fresh ground round 1.77/lb.  check my post here on how to save money on meat
  • General Mills/Quaker/Kroger cereals (selected varieties)-1.98/box  go here to get a .75/1 coupon on multi grain cheerios- I don't know if this coupon is for one of the selected varieties.  There are also a lot of $1/2 cereal coupons from recent inserts.  If you have these it would make the boxes 1.50/box... this actually beats the Aldi price
  • Pringles-.88/can (this is the price you can find them for at Aldi)  buy 3 and use .30/3 coupon doubled to .60 and get 3 cans for 2.04 or .68/1
  • Cambell's chicken noodle or tomatoe soup-.49/can- you can almost always have .40/4 coupons for these soups... if you have this coupon it would be .29/can!
  • Kroger Coffee is 5.99/39 oz can
  • Kraft BBQ sauce-.99/1
  • Kroger whole chicken fryers are .69/lb.
  • Kroger cheese is on sale- the best buy is the 240z variety for 4.99/1  (this is 6 cups)  I base my cheese price off of Aldi of course and you can get 3 cup packages there for 2.79, so 6 cups at Aldi would be 5.58
  • Cottonelle 4 roll packs are .99/1 use .25/1 coupon doubled to .50/1 to make them .49!
  • Kroger every day paper towels are .99/1
  • Kroger canned veggies are .55/can (good price for Kroger, but remember that most Aldi canned veggies are under .40/can and are great quality!
  • Carol Budding 10 oz tubs of lunch meat are 5/10.  Some packages come with 1/1 coupons on them making them 1/tub!
  • Honey Suckel frozen white ground turkey is 4/5 making them 1.25/1  
  • Farmland link or roll sausage is 10/10  there were 1/2 coupons out there and 1/1 coupons.  So you can get these for either .50/1 or for free depending on which coupons you have
These are the best buys I see... as always let me know what I missed! Blessings on your shopping this week!

Also Don't forget you can go here to get the ad and here to load other coupons onto your Dillon's card

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