Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dillons Coupon Policy

I know many of you have experienced issues regarding internet printable coupons at our local Dillons stores. You have been told that Dillons no longer accepts these coupons. I have verified that this information is FALSE! These stores are, unfortunately, misinformed and are not following the Dillons coupon policy.

I have been in contact with some one from head quarters and she has graciously given me a copy of the Dillons coupon policy. I suggest you print it off and take it with you if you have expereienced problems at your local Dillons. If you continue to experience coupon issues at our local Dillons please email me and I will give you an email to contact Dillons directly about this. I have been reassured countless times that Dillons does in fact still accept printable coupons regardless of what certain managers are communicating to their customers.

Dillons Coupon Policy:

Vendor/Store Coupons
  • The value of the coupon or coupons cannot exceed the price of the product that they are redeemed for. We do not give cash back on coupons.
  • All coupons should be scanned. Manually keying a coupon is always the last resort.
  • Vendor coupons must be limited to one per item.
  • We double all manufacturers’ coupons everyday up to 50¢, regardless of what is printed on the coupon by the manufacturer.
  • The customer may redeem together, one vendor and one store coupon on a single item.
  • When purchasing items that are Buy One, Get One Free (50% off) customers may redeem one vendor coupon on each of the items.
  • The customer must purchase the correct number of items as specified on the coupon. For example, if a vendor coupon is labeled as 50¢ off of two, the customer must purchase two of that product for the coupon to be redeemed. They would not be eligible to use another vendor coupon on either of those products. Items purchased on BOGO (50% off) do satisfy this requirement.
  • All coupons must be presented to the cashier during the order. We do not refund coupons once the customer has left the store. Only exception being, the customer has forgotten to hand coupons to the cashier, or cashier forgot to deduct coupons from the order. When this occurs, bring the Customer to Customer Service. Customer Service must scan the Plus Card (so they will double), and scan each of the coupons. The coupons will be totaled and cash given to the customer.
  • Loyal Customer Mailing coupons should be handled the same as any regular coupons.
  • In the event that a customer presents an LCM coupon that states “Save $x on an order totaling x dollars”, but does not purchase the minimum amount stated on the coupon, please accept the coupon by doing a manager override.
  • We do not accept photocopied coupons.

All vendor coupons will start with a leading 5 (ex. 5 10000 00035 1). Anything else is considered a store coupon.

Free Item Coupons
  • No other coupons, vendor or store, may be used with a free item coupon.
  • The checker must legibly write the value of the item on the face of the coupon.
  • If the value of the item exceeds the maximum limit of the coupon, the checker must still write the max value on the face of the coupon.
  • Free item coupons may be redeemed for items on BOGO (50% off). The value of the coupon will be the full price of the item. This will require a manager override at the register.
Catalina Coupons
  • Catalina checkout coupons are designed specifically for the individual customer, based on the item or items they have purchased.
  • Catalina coupons are intended for future purchases, and should not be used in the order they are generated.
  • At the end of the order, Catalina coupons must be presented to the customer with their receipt.
Internet Coupons
  • These may be accepted as long as the coupon will scan. Because of a security feature built into the coupon, those that do not scan should not be accepted.
  • Internet coupons can be verified by going to www.printcoupons.com. This website verifies, the offer, expiration date, and print date.


Everyday Realities said...

I begged and pleaded but the Dillons on Huntoon WILL NOT TAKE THE INTERNET COUPONS at all. It does not matter which manager you talk too. They all the say the same - NO! I've had to start shopping elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

I have a relative who works at one of the Dillons and have just a very scant bit of information that may relate to these problems. It sounds like they have been getting lots of fake "Internet" coupons - for free/large amounts off of beer, cigarettes, other random stuff, some even having the SmartSource logo on them. These coupons have bar codes that actually will ring up in their machines. Crazy, huh. So it sounds like those using legitimate coupons may be getting punished for someone running some crazy coupon scam. I used an Internet coupon yesterday at 29th and Urish and had no problems.

Anonymous said...

Per my comment above, see this Web site. I had no idea: http://www.cents-off.com/body_coupon_counterfeiters.cfm

Davon & Michell said...

You mentioned printing the Dillon's policy off, is there a link to this?

Shannon said...

no this came in an email direct from headquarters from Hutch. You will just have to copy and paste the info. If you have troubles a particular store let me know and I will give you an email to follow up with. Thanks!

Shannon said...

Anonymous- yes there are are definitely fake coupons out there people are using. All Dillons managers have been given a copy of those particular coupons and each cashier should have a copy at their station of which coupons those are. That is what I have been told by headquarters. Unfortunately there are some managers and cashiers saying that they just can't take any internet coupons at all.