Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is What a Tired Mommy Does

"Mom, really?"

I had a great weekend! It was so great that I could barely roll myself out of bed this morning after almost 9 hours of sleep! I will spare you the groggy details but the above picture says it all. No mom in her right mind, that I know of anyway, would set down a bowl of cereal and sliced strawberries for her 10 month old to eat! First of all, Levi most certainly cannot use a spoon and strawberries are a "no-no" on the food list until he turns at least 1.

So the hubs and I laughed and he took over breakfast since I appeared to not be fully awake! Seth gladly ate his bowl of cereal and plate of strawberries while Levi enjoyed BABY cereal and some banana.

I am hoping for a better start tomorrow morning:)

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Maria said...

This picture is hilarious! btw, with Declan I would not have had time to get the camera out...he would have taken full advantage of the situation and had the meal half eaten before I could realize my mistake! lol