Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home Depot Circular to your Inbox

If you are like me your really cheap subscription to the K.C. star has run out thus forcing you to buy it at a convenience/grocery store. The coupons are great but unfortunately you don't get the ads.

I just learned today that you can sign up HERE for free and have the Home Depot circular delivered to your inbox!

Be sure to check your other favorite stores out also. Chances are if you go to their website they have an email sign up!


Sarah said...

I hear ya on the KC Star. Have you found a price better than others at any particular store?
I didn't think the price for a Sunday paper would vary that much, but who knows.

Shannon said...

The convenience store at 10th and Mcvicar is a flat $2... other places charge you tax. That is all I know:)

Casey said...

I just renewed my KC Star subscription for $57.46 for 6 months and it is for Fri/Sat/Sun delivery. When I called to cancel it the guy just kept dropping the price lower and lower...it is only $2.21 p/ weekend and I don't have to leave the house!