Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't Wait!

As I posted the ads this week I found myself thinking there is a lot of great prices on the stuff we need for our Christmas dinner and treats we are making! My encouragement for you is to figure out your Christmas dinner and treat making list NOW! While there will be great sales every week on holiday baking items, it would be better to buy some items you know are a good price rather than wait until the last minute and risk paying more then you need to! Some of the items we will be needing for our Christmas dinner and treats that I think are a great price this week are below:
  • Hershey morsels at Hy-Vee for 1.77/1... if you have the $1/3 coupon these turn out to only be 1.44/1... a little higher than Aldi price but Aldi does not sell peanut butter chips that I know of. So if you need peanut butter chips for your goodies I would get them this week!
  • Blue Bonnet margarine sticks=.48/1 (this is a great price for margarine and lower than Aldi off brand price!)
  • Hy-Vee brand sweetened condensed milk=1.19/1 (the name brand is usually 1.99/1 can and I am not sure if Aldi even has an off brand!)
  • Chex Cereal=1.88/box (use $1/2 coupons from recent inserts or here to get these for only 1.38/box... better than the Aldi off brand price of 1.80/box and higher!
  • Garden Club corn syrup at Hy-Veee for $1.50/1 (you might be able to get Kyro cheaper with a coupon but not by much, so if you don't have a coupon I would get this brand this week!)
  • Breyer's ice cream or Sara Lee pies=2.29/1 when you buy 3 at Dillons (use .75/1 Breyers ice cream to make these only 1.29/1) ($1/1 SL frozen dessert coupon here making these only $1.29/1) You won't find these cheaper than this!!!
  • Kroger bagged potatoes=$1.50/1 (last year Hy-Vee put theirs on sale for .99/bag so they may do that again, but for now Kroger is a great price if you want to get ahead!)
  • Hy-Vee baking peanuts=.99/16 oz. bag (it doesn't get cheaper than that!!!)
  • Stove Top Stuffing is .75/1 after in ad coupon at Apple Markte (beats Aldi off brand price of .88/1)
  • Best Choice cream of soups at Apple Market=.49/1 (beats ANY price!)
  • Kroger 16 oz. cans of party peanuts (for chex mix..yum!=1.99/1 (last year they had an 8 hour sale where these went on sale for .99/1 but there are no guarantees that will happen again)
Happy list making!

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