Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 cans of formula for a $1!!!

If you are in the baby phase of life you might be curious to know how I got 3 cans of formula for only a $1. When I have a baby I make sure I sign up at all the formula companies websites to get their coupons in the event that I might need to use formula. In the past few months my mailbox has been full of them so I put some to good use.

Nestle Goodstart sent me $11/1 can of formula coupons and I knew I would be able to get some cheap formula. When I was at Dillons the other day I noticed that the small cans of Nestle Goodstart formula (regular kind) were only 8.97. I knew right away I could get at least 1 can for free and then I saw that there is a catalina promotion going on until 8/9/09. When you buy 3 cans of Nestle Goodstart formula you get a $3 off your next purchase catalina back. So here is what I did with the coupons I had:
  • Bought 3 cans of Nestle Goodstart at 8.97/1=26.91
  • Use 2 $11/1 formula coupons/checks=-$22
  • Use 1 $1/1 formula coupon/check=-$1
Total OOP for 3 cans=3.91 and get $3 back making all 3 of these cans only .91!!!!

Even though I am not planning on needing formula, I may end up using it. Even if I don't I can still give the formula I don't use away to friends!

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