Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Things Baby

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All Things Baby

Since I am officially 36 weeks pregnant today you could guess that most of what is on my mind centers around this baby. For months I have been stocking up on items I know we are going to need and getting my hand on every baby coupon I can find so I can continue to save money when buying necessary baby items! In today's post I want to give you some baby brand sites that I highly recommend signing up for in order to save the most on baby products. My thought is if you are going to buy diapers, wipes and baby food anyway why not use a coupon and save some money while you are at it! Here are the sites I have benefited from the most.

You will receive valuable high dollar coupons by mail for diapers and other products as well as FREE samples! Don't forget to check out their Gifts to Grow program while you are there where you can earn points for FREE stuff!

You will receive valuable high dollar coupons by mail for diapers and other products along with FREE samples!

You will receive many coupons by mail worth $5 or more to use on formula! You will also get FREE samples and a diaper bag!

You get the same benefits as Enfamil

Gerber and Nestle Goodstart
You will receive by mail valuable coupons to use on formula, baby food and baby items like clothing, cups, and spoons!

For other great online resources be sure to visit Baby Cheapskate's post here! While you are there be sure to also read this blogger's 5 ways to save BIG on disposable diapers. I have implemented many of her tips and have saved a TON of money!

If you aren't a mommy of a little one you may know someone or have a friend that would greatly benefit from this info so be sure to pass it on!

Happy Thursday!

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Heather said...

I am having a garage sale on May 21-23 at 1033 Webster that will have all things baby! Clothes (preemie through 12 months and even some 18 mth and 2T), bottles/warmer, Shoes galore, toys for baby and some board games for little ones too.
Do you mind reminding people next week too of this? Thanks a ton Shannon!