Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dillons 10/29-11/4

Sorry for the delay in posting these! Remember I am posting the "best buys" of the week. My goal is to always beat Aldi since they are the "cheapest" in food prices among all grocery retailers... even Walmart!
  • Fresh Ground beef is 1.99/lb! I stock up at this price. Read my tips about saving on meat here!
  • 1 gal of Dillons milk=2.99 (Aldi has varied lately but has been about 2.91/gal.)
  • 4 lb. bag of Kroger Sugar=1.69. (Aldi 5 lb. bags have been 1.99 and this actually a better deal)
  • Pilgram's pride 3lb. bags of frozen chicken breasts=5.97. (beats Aldi price of 5.99)
  • Pillsbury crescent or sweet rolls are 3/$5. Use .25/1 mf crescent roll coupon doubled along with the .50/1 coupon to get these for .66/1! (beats Aldi price). Use .30/1 sweet roll coupon doubled along with the .50/1 coupon to get those for .56/1! (beats Aldi price).
  • Hot pockets and Kellogs poptarts are 3/$5. Use .50/1 hot pockets coupon to get these for .67/1!. Use .55/1 coupon for poptarts to get these for .67/1 also!
  • Purex Laundry detergent=1.99/1. Use .50/1 coupon (expires 10/31) to get this for .99!
  • Kroger 8 oz packages of cream cheese=1/1 (this beats the Aldi price of 1.19)
  • International delight coffee creamer=1.99/1. Use .50/1 coupon to get this for .99!
  • Sara Lee classic white or wheat bread is BIGI free!
  • 7-UP 2 liter products (sunkist and A&W) are .78/1 wyb 6
  • Kroger or Private selection spices ar 33% off
FOR 8 HOURS ONLY ON OCT. 30 from 4p.m. until Midnight
  • Big K 2 liters=.39/1 (limit 8)
  • Halloween candy =1.47/bag (see here on how to get free candy at CVS this week!)
  • Hot dog buns are .66/1 (limit 4)
  • Tombstone pizzas=1.99/1! (limit 4)
Don't forget to see here and here on how you can make overage on Fleishman's yeast and Johnson's baby oil! These catalina deals end 11/2!

Remember also this ad is good for the following cities: Topeka, Lawrence, Winfield, Arkansas City, Hutchinson and Wellington. If you know family or friends in these cities please pass this blog post along so they can know the best deals too!

Be sure to check here for the Apple Market deals!


Cara said...

Here is a link for 55 cents off a Pilgrim Pride purchase printable coupon:

kindredspirit said...

Hi! I have a quick question. Do you do most of your shopping at Aldi and then supplement with good deals from Dillons, etc? I am just curious as I have never shopped Aldis but am considering doing the majority of my shopping there instead of Walmart. I hopefully have made sense with my question.


Shannon said...

Thanks for coupon Cara!

Hi Mandy-
Usually I can find great mark downs at Dillons that I am supplementing with Hy-Vee and Aldi. But when I am not finding great mark downs on bread/fruit/milk I do most of my shopping at Aldi.

I am sure there are some things that are cheaper at Walmart b/c of coupons, however on average Aldi tends to be 20% less than Walmart.

HOpe that helps!

kindredspirit said...

Thanks for answering so quickly. I am new to couponing and shopping by sales. I have always just shopped at Walmart and used a few coupons here and there. Now I am trying to use the money God gave me a little more wisely and am trying to learn all I can. Thanks again for your blog. It has been a great help.

Sarah said...

Yoplait yogurt is on sale for $.50. With the $.60/3 whips or .50/6 coupons doubled, the yogurt would be .16 or .33.
It's a little late in the week, but I'm stopping after church. I love the variety of flavors with Yoplait yogurt.

blaireruch said...

Did anyone else get the awesome Dillons mailer this week? I got coupons for free Pepsi 2 liter, free Tombstone pizza, free Eggo waffles and free Fresh Express salad any size (I got the family pack which is normally $6.99)!

They had these 3 day sale specials:
4 lb. sugar $1.48
Kroger Butter $1.88
Kroger cheese 8 oz. $1.58
Private selection and Kroger spices 50% off!!! i got some vanilla extract for baking.
Pecan pieces (and other nuts in the produce section) 1/2 off ($3.99) getting ready for baking season!

Regular sale:
Private Selection ice cream $2.99 - $1 Dillons mailer coupon - .75 = $1.24!!! (I highly recommend the Double Chocolate Cookie Crumble flavor!)
Dillons white bread 24 oz. $1.32 is a better deal than the Sara Lee B1G1 free b/s Sara Lee is only 20 oz.
Farmland Low Sodium Bacon $3 - $1 Farmland mailer coupon = $2
Yoplait yogurt .50 each
buy 8
print 2 $1/4 from MSM
Get 3 for .05 and the other 5 for .25!!!

Chopped Garlic petite loaf bread on manager special .69

Kroger applesauce 50 oz. $1.72 - .60 Dillons mailer = $1.12

Cottonelle tp .99 - .50 - .25 mf cpn x2 = .01 profit!

Betty Crocker frosting $1.59 - .50 x 2 mf = .59 - .55 - .04!

Betty Crocker frosting $1.59 - .50 x 2 mf = .59 - .50 - .09! There were 2 shortcuts coupons for some reason.

Herbal Essences shampoo/conditioner
$2.67 each
Bought 2 = $5.34
$3/2 mf coupon
$2/2 P&G e-saver website
.34/2 (.17 each!)

Did the Johnson's baby oil and yeast deal again for the last time!

Libby canned veggies .50
.50/3 doubled to $1
printed from MSM link
Total = 3/.50!



Tish said...

I love this blog. I have used the suggestions over the last couple of months to really save money. Thank You!!
I have a question...does anyone know how to sign up to receive the Dillon's mailer? I shop there a lot but have never gotten one.

Shannon said...

Tish- I actually had to call Dillons customer service to request these coupons. They say you get them by shopping there, however I had already been shopping there for 5 years and had never seen a single coupon mailer! So just call the customer service number on your card and request to receive their coupon mailers

Tish said...

Thank you so much Shannon - I will call them!
For anyone that uses Goody hair products Dillon's has them on sale 2/$4 and there is a coupon at:,9

for $2 off Goody ouchless products. They end up free! I didn't have a chance to get them today but maybe tomorrow.